Uses for Your Old Chalk Bag

June 8, 2023 252 view(s)

Uses for Your Old Chalk Bag

Do you have an old chalk bag that you don't use anymore? Maybe it's gotten worn down a bit, or maybe you just got a new chalk bag that you love and won't be using your old chalk bag anymore. Don't throw it away! Chalk bags can be utilized for many other things--here are a few ideas!

Photo by Emily Trombly

1. Dog Treat Holder

Taking your furry friend on a long walk or a hike and need a convenient way to carry their treats? Store them in a chalk bag! That way, the treats are easily accessible.

2. Chalk Bag Pong

Elevate your beer pong game and put the solo cups in chalk bags! We played "Chalk Bag Pong" at a couple events in the past year and everyone thought it was super fun! 

3. Plant Pot Holder

Got a lot of plants but are sick of buying expensive pots? Or maybe you just want to display your plants in a cool, unique way? Use a chalk bag! My friend decided to hang a plant from the back of a dining chair, and I think it looks awesome!

4. Phone / Camera Holder 

The best views you'll see while climbing are obviously going to be when you're up on the wall! I usually never have my phone on me when I'm climbing because I'm scared it'll fall out of my pocket, if I even have pockets. Anytime I'm up at the top of a climb, I always wish I had my phone to take a picture of the beautiful view. A user on Reddit said that they put their phone in a chalk bag so they can have it on a climb and not have to worry about it falling out of a pocket, and I think that's pretty innovative. The picture here is one that I took mid-climb, and I was definitely nervous about dropping my phone, so I will definitely be using a chalk bag next time!

Do you use your old chalk bags in any cool or unique ways? Comment your ideas below or share them with us on Instagram @cypherclimbing!

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