Behind the Scenes of Cypher

June 14, 2022 28 view(s)

Behind the Scenes of Cypher

Cypher was founded in 2003, after originally being Advanced Base Camp, sold under Liberty Mountain in the 80's. This rebirth came with not only updated equipment and materials, but also an updated mindset. "For every problem, there is a solution" became the slogan for Cypher because it was originally meant to be just a bouldering brand. By combining Advanced Base Camp with the idea of Cypher, it became a brand for all types of climbing, and we strive to make quality products that help climbers achieve their goals.

There is a lot that goes into product development, so we interviewed Taybor Abplanalp, to talk about the process. In college, Taybor was originally a Middle Eastern Studies major, but then switched programs because he wanted to be more creative. There was something very appealing about working on physical products because he likes to make creative solutions with a purpose. He started climbing in college as well, so when he already had a passion for climbing before he started working as a Product Designer for Cypher. 

Cypher is a brand that can be whatever we want to make it. We are very customer focused and strive to make great products sold at a great price for our specific customer base. What makes brands special is having an emotional, subjective side that cares about the customer and what they are looking for. When making new products, we look for what might be missing in the climbing product lines, and Cypher steps in to make whatever that may be. 

We asked Taybor what the process is like for developing products for Cypher. He says that the process changes which each product, so it depends. He looks for what is selling well, what the inventory is like, and recognizing trends. He has to be highly flexible and always on the lookout for opportunities. He emphasizes that Cypher does everything they can do to make great products at a great value, so customers can get more for their money. 

Taybor really enjoys color theory, refining everything, and the process of going from an intial idea to improving the product until it's right. One product that exemplifies this refining process are the new Boar Hair Bouldering Brushes. He chose to make them out of wood after trying many different samples. These brushes are useful and well thoughtout. The highlights of these brushes are the hole that accomodates small - medium carabiners so you can easily clip it to your harness, and the pointed end for easy put-away in the elastic loop on a chalk bag. These brushes come both single-sided and double-sided.

Taybor works hard to make Cypher products great, and we are always so excited to hear about the projects he is working on!

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