NEW Multi Sport Glasses

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NEW Multi Sport Glasses

Cypher is stoked to introduce our all-new line of multi-sport sunglasses. We’ve created three different attractive styles of sunglasses designed with unique features for adventure enhancement. The Piedmont Alpine Glacier Glasses are our high-altitude, keep you in the zone, high durability glassesThey’re designed for alpine environments where the sun’s rays are especially strong, and the terrain is super reflectiveThey’ll protect your eyes from debris like dust and ice while you’re climbing and belaying. The Powell Multi-sport glasses are designed with outdoor athletes in mind. The lenses are shatter-proof to protect you during wipeouts and the side shields protect your peripherals from dust, bugs, and stray sunbeams. As a bonus, the side shields are removable making these easy to go from the crag to refueling at your favorite local grub spot with ease. You might think that the Pacifico glasses are the same as the Powell glasses with a different color, but you’d only be nearly right. The Pacifico Multi-Sport Glasses come with a polarized lens for sunny, watery activities.  Each of these glasses are built for different types of adventure, read below to see which one works best for your favorite sport.  

We’ve seen pictures from the alpine of climbers sporting what looks like welder's goggles. Here's an example of what we're talking about. True welder’s goggles probably would block out too much light, but the principle remains the same. There’s a lot of light in the alpine, when you’re at a higher altitude where there isn’t as much atmosphere to filter out light rays and the light can damage your eyes due to its strength. The air is also cooler at altitude, which means it’s more likely that you will come across snow on your journey. Snow reflects light like crazy. You might have heard stories of the worst sunburns of a person’s life coming not from being on the beach, but from a ski vacation. You might not think of rock as being reflective, you can’t see your reflection in it at all, but rock is extremely reflective as well. All these factors create the necessity to take extra measures to protect your eyes. This is the reason mountaineers started wearing goggles in the alpine.  

Those are just the dangers of light. We haven’t even mentioned the dangers of the elements themselves. The alpine is a magical place where trees don’t grow. Trees do a lot to knock down debris that is picked up by the wind. So, if there are no trees in the alpine, then there is more debris in the wind. Dust can be worse than just irritating, it can downright damage the sensitive tissues that make up your eyes. Then there’s the hazards that come while you’re climbing. You and your partners are constantly kicking up and dropping dust, ice, rocks and bugs on each other. These are all the problems that the Piedmont Alpine Glacier Glasses were designed to solve. When you finish your adventure and head back to civilization, you can easily remove the side shields for a more casual look. These glasses are comfortable enough to wear day to day and, like a good portrait in your entry way, they’re great for starting a conversation and telling a story about all the places they’ve been with you. 

Glacier glasses were designed and developed for alpine environments, but our new Powell and Pacifico glasses are styled more for everyday use and varied outdoor environments, especially on the water: SUP or canoe, etc. Many of the hazards that threaten your eyes in the alpine exist in other activities as well. Billboards and commercials for LASIK eye surgery advertise the benefits of having excellent vision in the outdoors. We couldn’t agree more. Whether you have naturally fantastic vision, LASIK, or wear corrective lenses great vision is premium in the outdoors. Maintaining that great vision is paramount, so protection from the elements and the suns rays is critical no matter what sport you’re participating in. We adapted our alpine glasses design to a frame and lenses that can be versatile to any sport. This can be accomplished by creating removable side shields and focusing on lenses that battle the elements. That’s how the Powell and the Pacifico began. 

The Powell Multi-Sport glasses are adaptable to any activity you choose. At Cypher, we encourage people to enjoy more activities than just climbing. After all, there are seasons where climbing is less enjoyable and the benefits of cross training on climbing performance is difficult to argue. The color of the Powell glasses might make you daydream about your next day on the lake. Or you might be excited about wearing them on your next mountain bike ride where the side shields will keep the dust away from your eyes. Trail running is another fantastic exercise for climbers and the sporty design of the Powell’s frame make it ideal for that dynamic activity. If you find that your run requires a bit more of your peripheral vision, simply remove the side shields and experience the versatility these glasses offer. 

The Pacifico looks a lot like the Powell with a different color scheme. That’s not the biggest difference between them though. The Pacifico has a polycarbonate polarized lens. Chances are you’ve bought sunglasses before that had a sticker on them distinguishing them as polarized. You might have even been with your father or uncle while they selected a pair of sunglasses because they were polarized and they said they’d be good for fishing. Has anyone explained to you why they’re good for fishing though? Light rays travel in straight lines. As straight as can be until they bounce off of something. They can bounce off of anything including particles in the sky, clouds, rock, snow, and river water. Our eyes still perceive these reflected, not going straight toward us, light rays. Polarized lenses filter out those reflected rays, allowing our vision to see through that extra shine that we perceive as haze in the sky or shimmer on the water. A polycarbonate polarized lens has a more stable and high-quality polarization in addition to being shatterproof. These glasses are made from the same material as safety glasses. So, if you enjoy sports where cutting through the shine of a hazy sky or shimmering water, or where you encounter dangerous falling material like rock or ice might be, the Pacifico’s polycarbonate polarized lens is what you’re looking for. 

Now that you’re introduced to Cypher’s new line of Multi-Sport and Alpine Sunglasses, the only question to ask yourself is, “On a scale of fantastic to fabulous, how would I look in these?” Then, ask yourself, “On a scale of always to every minute of every day, how often would I use these?”  We are proud to introduce these to our line-up and hope they carry into your other sports with ease. 

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Hervin F Burgess
April 23, 2022
Can these glasses be used for cycling?
April 25, 2022
Yes! I use them all the time for mountain biking. I love the side shields. It helps to keep light consistent, and the wind from drying my contacts out.