Cypher Piedmont Alpine Glacier Glasses Review

December 12, 2022 172 view(s)

Cypher Piedmont Alpine Glacier Glasses Review

We asked one of our employees, Jackson Schor, his thoughts on the Piedmont Alpine Glacier Glasses. We knew he'd be the right person to ask because of how often he goes on skiing adventures.

By far, the most appealing feature in these glasses is the side/arm covers which reduce sunlight entering from the sides. Full eye protection from snow glare while on the glacier or snow in general makes a huge difference! I recommend that someone uses these glasses whenever they are spending long periods of time on the snow and ice. Skiing, mountaineering, ice climbing, hunting, ice fishing, and snowshoeing are all great times to break these out! I have been bringing these along on all my ski tours that last the full day. For shorter tours, I usually just wear regular shades, but if I am out for prolonged periods, I like the extra sun protection.

I am someone who historically has been very bad at wearing eye protection in the sun. I used to end a lot of ski days with dry, or even sunburned eyeballs (very unpleasant). One of the main reasons I avoided eye protection is that the tint was far too dark for me to see well in most conditions, even when you still need protection. The lenses on these are a great middle ground. They are dark enough to help the eyes, but never too dark to see when in flat lighting or poor weather, so I rarely feel like I have to take them off. They also offer a lot more warmth in cold conditions than standard glasses.

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