Cypher Brand Story

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Cypher Brand Story


Cypher wants to invite you into the mountains. We want to boost you over the barriers that try to prevent you from experiencing climbing. The right equipment can introduce you to the sport and will grow with you as your exploration evolves. Cypher equipment has impressive longevity and will last you all the way from your first outdoor top rope to your progression through sport and trad style routes or on that boulder problem that you are obsessed with sending. Cypher has a long history in the climbing community and believes that for every problem there is a solution. 


Although officially founded in 2003, Cypher can trace its roots back decades before. In the early 1970’s, Mike Sturm started working for Liberty Mountain after closing his business, Eiger Mountain Sports Corp, a climbing distributor and manufacturer from the late 1950’s and 60’s. Mike quickly got to work building a similar climbing program at Liberty Mountain. This climbing gear was sold under the Liberty Mountain name until the early 1980’s when it was changed to Advanced Base Camp (ABC). Advanced Base Camp was Liberty Mountain’s main climbing program until it was reborn as Cypher in 2003 with updated equipment, materials and mindset. 


Seeing others experience the outdoors through the world of climbing is what motivates us at Cypher. Because of this, we create quality products that help you get outside - no matter your age or climbing ability. Whether you’re gearing up for your first multi-pitch adventure, spending a day at the local crag or just training at the gym, count on Cypher gear to make your experience safe and enjoyable.  


Our team of ambassadors is made up of climbers who are working to bring the mountains closer to you. They love to share their experiences as they climb and explore the world. After seeing their stories, you’ll find these places more in reach. They all teach climbing in some form or another, whether that’s hosting their own clinics and climbing camps or being employed by climbing gyms as coaches or appearing to teach clinics at festivals. They each want you to get something out of the outdoors and enjoy it with the right gear for you.  


We want to hear your story. If you’re anything like us, leave us a comment. Tell us the story of the first time you took your climbing outdoors. We want to hear about mistakes made and lessons learned. We want to see you pictures of the places you’ve been and the crew you climb with (especially your furry friends) post them below or use #cypherclimbing on social media. We want you to join our community of mountain lovers and those with a spirit to climb on.

July 8, 2021
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