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Adam has a medley of experience in the outdoors, avidly pursuing climbing, skiing, surfing and trekking. He started climbing at 8 years old and competed in youth climbing competitions in Australia to a national level for many years. He then ventured outdoors and combined his passion for photography with his skill set from climbing, creating bold and eye-catching imagery from fixed ropes. Adam lives in Canada, splitting his time between British Columbia and Alberta, never far from the mountains.


What was your first experience climbing?

I joined the kids club at local gym in the UK at age eight. I remember being terrified and probably shed a few tears on the wall.


What is your favorite type of climbing?

Multi-pitches. Starting a climb already well above the ground is exhilarating and committing; it feels most to me like an adventure.


Any style of climbing that you particularly dislike?

Stemming has never sat well with me, I've never sought out those routes outdoors!


Where are your favorite areas to climb?

Blue Mountains National Park, Australia was my first introduction to bigger routes. Lately the Bow Valley, Canada has become a favorite because there's so much to climb and plenty of incredible alpine multi-pitches to get on.


Tell us about your all-time favorite climb.

The Man who Sold the World (5.12a). It's this really aesthetic overhanging second-pitch sport route, with huge exposure. Usually I would feel nervous about climbing something so exposed but on that day I just wasn't. I put my hand up to give it a crack when everyone else was having second thoughts. It's a good reminder to myself to have a go even when the little voices in your head are talking you out of it.


Why do you climb?

It's so mental, you have to be present, focused, prepared and committed. The sensation of going one move further when you're doing all you can to hold on is so addictive. For something that is isn't a team sport, it's incredibly social and creates relationships with total trust in each other. It also gets you outside!


What other hobbies/interests do you have?

I love to go on big treks, explore canyons, surf and photograph. Photography has been the vessel for me to express my creativity in the outdoors and create images that are true to my passions for the outdoors and living adventurously.


Who inspires you?

It's nothing original to say that Jimmy Chin is a big inspiration of mine, but he is. Others include: Tim Kemple, Jake Anderson, Krystal Wright, Reuben Krabbe, Ray Collins, Corey Rich, Simon Bischoff, Keith Ladzinski.


Tell us about your dream vacation.

Yosemite Valley in a van full of climbing gear.


What’s your favorite post-send meal?

A cold pint of cider, cooooold. Delicious. 


What are your long-term climbing goals?

Develop big-wall skills. I've always wanted to sleep on a portaledge.


Anything else we should know?

Big mountains are climbed with single steps!


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