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Cypher Climbing Equipment  - Quality rock climbing gear for sport climbing, trad climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, bouldering, and mountaineering: carabiners, quickdraws, climbing shoes, belay devices, slings, chalk, tape, chalk bags, nuts, stoppers, belay device.

VESTA Sport 12cm QD 6 pack + Free Chalk Bag


VESTA Sport 12cm QD 6 pack + Free Chalk Bag

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Vesta Sport quickdraws:

Vesta Sport quickdraws come with an ergonomic 12cm vari-width nylon sling and are offered with either a wire-gate or solid-gate carabiner on the rope end.  The Vesta’s generous gate clearance makes it the easiest clipping carabiner in the line and a replaceable o-ring helps keep the bottom carabiner secure and oriented correctly. The Vesta Sport Quickdraw is available in 6-pack Half Racks which includes a free locking carabiner.

  • Weight Keylock: 103 grams
  • Weight Mix: 99 grams

Large Softshell Chalk Bag:

We chose flexible and durable softshell scrap-sourced fabrics. Our large chalk bags fit the whole hand, even with a tape glove. Fleece lined with a tight closing draw cord. All our chalk bags include a buckled belt. Assorted soft shell colors. Colors will vary from photo.

  • Assorted scrap-sourced softshell fabric

  • Belt included

  • Brush holder

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