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Cypher Climbing Equipment  - Quality rock climbing gear for sport climbing, trad climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, bouldering, and mountaineering: carabiners, quickdraws, climbing shoes, belay devices, slings, chalk, tape, chalk bags, nuts, stoppers, belay device.

Firefly II Quickdraw 6 pack + Free Large Chalk bag


Firefly II Quickdraw 6 pack + Free Large Chalk bag

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The Cypher Firefly II:

The Cypher Firefly II Quickdraw makes no compromises in function or safety with its hot forged technology that puts the load bearing material where it counts to maximize strength and minimize weight. Lighten up your backcountry rack with these full-size and light-weight quickdraws. Available in two styles (mix and wire)

The Mix version features a solid-gate keylock Firefly II carabiner on the bolt-end for catch-free operation from your gear rack to the bolt and to facilitate easy route cleaning. The wire-gate Firefly II carabiner on the rope end offers super wide gate-clearance and reduced gate flutter during a fall.

The Wire version features a wire-gate Firefly II carabiner on both ends to slim down the weight and provide wide gate-clearance for clipping into various types of protection and ropes.

The Firefly II Quickdraws in 6-packs (11cm length) includes a screw-gate Firefly II carabiner.

  • Weight Wire 11cm: 74 grams
  • Weight Mix 11cm: 80 grams

Large Softshell Chalk Bag:

We chose flexible and durable softshell scrap-sourced fabrics. Our large chalk bags fit the whole hand, even with a tape glove. Fleece lined with a tight closing draw cord. All our chalk bags include a buckled belt. Assorted soft shell colors. Colors will vary from photo.

  • Assorted scrap-sourced softshell fabric
  • Belt included
  • Brush holder
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