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Echo Quickdraw


Echo Quickdraw

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The Cypher Echo Quickdraws are full-size, light-weight, and available in two styles (mix and wire) and various lengths (11cm, 16cm)

The Mix version features a solid-gate keylock Echo carabiner on the bolt-end for catch free operation from your gear rack to the bolt and to facilitate easy route cleaning. The wire-gate Echo carabiner on the rope end offers super wide gate-clearance and reduced gate flutter during a fall.

The Wire version features a wire-gate Echo carabiner on both ends to slim down the weight and provide wide gate-clearance for clipping into various types of protection and ropes.

With the various lengths offered (11cm, 16cm), the Echo Quickdraws can be used for every style of climbing and on various types of terrain. Longer length draws keep rope drag to a minimum, allow you to clip at a safer stance below a cruxy bolt, and places the lower biner below any bulge of rock that the bolt sits above.

The Echo Quickdraws are also available in 6-packs (11cm length) and includes a screw-gate Echo carabiner.

  • Weight Wire 11 cm: 71 grams
  • Weight Mix 11 cm: 76 grams
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