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Cypher Climbing Equipment  - Quality rock climbing gear for sport climbing, trad climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, bouldering, and mountaineering: carabiners, quickdraws, climbing shoes, belay devices, slings, chalk, tape, chalk bags, nuts, stoppers, belay device.





The Cypher Steel Wire Gate carabiner with an easy to clip bent wire-gate. Zinc plated for long lasting protection outdoors or indoors. This carabiner comes with a captive eye pin which can be installed by the user to eliminate carabiner rotation and reduce theft. The captive eye pin is removable when the need to replace the sling arises. A new captive eye bar must be used for the replacement pin (Item number 499006). Sold as a separate carabiner or as a complete quickdraw with 16mm Nylon sling and CE certified 8MM screw link.

  • Weight: 126 grams
  • Strength: 40kN (major axis)
  • CE Certified
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